Pema Lingpa Treasure Nyingma Buddhist Centre of British Columbia Canada
Under the direction of His Holiness Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche
Resident Teacher Lopon Sangay Yeshi
  Ugyen Choling Monastery at Trongsa  
May 10th, 2016
Dear friends,
His Holiness Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche’s Ugyen Choling monastery near Trongsa is getting needed repairs to rotting structural beams in all the upper floors of the building. The monastery is only 25 years old but was built in a hurry out of necessity with raw green wood and as a result rot has occurred in all parts of the structure. The planning for repairs has been ongoing for several years. Logs for the new replacement beams were cut more than two years ago and were scaled and have been air drying in preparation for use in the repairs.
This repair work has been supported financially locally and by Pema Lingpa Treasure Nyingma Buddhist Centre of BC, Canada with 300,000 Ngultrum initially in December 2014 and 50,000 more Ngultrum in October 2015. When Lopon Sangay Yeshi visited Ugyen Choling in October work had already started on the outside. Now skilled temple carpenters are doing the work. Lopon Sangay talked with Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche recently to report on the progress of the work to date. An estimate of funds needed to complete this project is $250,000 USD. This is needed for wages, food, additional materials, finishing work, painting and equipment and transportation costs.
The inside work has now begun and funds are needed to keep the project going. There is an incentive to donate from Bhutan. If there is a single donation of $1500 USD then the donor can have a guest visa for Bhutan for 14 days when it is wanted. Travel arrangements and application for the visa are still required, but not the high cost of a tourist visa.
To make a contribution please contact Padling Choeki Ga Tshal - the foundation for activities of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Bhutan : how to donate by bank transfer. Make sure that in the transaction it is noted that the funds are for the Trongsa Ugyen Choling project. A receipt from Padling Choeki Ga Tshal will be sent.
Lopon Sangay Yeshi asks that anyone making a contribution also contact him so that a report of contributions can also be made directly to the people in Trongsa managing the restoration work. You may contact Lopon Sangay by e-mail or by texting at: 1-250-889-7837
  Ugyen Choling Monastery at Trongsa getting structural repairs  
Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche examining the new capitals and instructing the workers at Ugyen Choling near Trongsa.
Dismantling the floor and prepairing carved decorated lintel caps.
Looking from above and from below to one area being dismantled.
Prepairing ceiling beams and stacking them.
Prefabing the ceiling beams and pillar 'cloud' capitals in front of the temple.
Looking up from below into the gutted interior.
Moving beams and the temporary ceiling bracing on the third floor and first floor.
Looking up from below into the gutted interior.
Piles of rotting timbers removed and the replacement beams in preparation for installation.
Moving prefabbed timbers to the construction site.
New cloud capitals in place.
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